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Creativity….KJ Sportswear and Divisions have a talented group of designers that will work one on one with you to help create the perfect product. We have the latest in graphic design and embellishment techniques which are always on hand to guide you to success. We are the perfect design partner, with years of experience researching trend reports and creating new designs…. No matter what industry!


Transformation….Our product specialists are trained to help you through every step of the process, and Product Development is one of the most important. A talented developer with years of experience will help you bring design concept to life by providing you with access to latest factory development techniques and trends. Sourcing what you need is at your finger tips… All access to KJ Factory: We are the factory!


Perfection….QC is mandatory when creating a successful garment. KJ Sportswear has QC located all throughout our factories to make sure your product is delivered without flaws. Only quality product will benefit you in such a sensitive market. Quality control includes both in-line and post production inspections which are performed at the factory level.  Continuously audited with reports and approvals at request.


Delivery…. Whether it is delivered to one central location or distributed to regional centers, we can handle your needs. Our team handles all documentation for timely customs clearance and arranges ocean and air freight from Asia to the U.S. and other worldwide destinations. Sit back and relax. Our Logistics team has it under control with years of experience to answer any questions you may have.