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KJ California is your connection to a factory owned business. We are not the middleman, we are the factory! Providing product creation solution, focused on custom Knitwear. Truly dedicated to providing concept through delivery service in a specific category including all industries. We work with a diverse portfolio of industry-leading brands enabling us to develop new [...]

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KJMC is the Division of KJ Sportswear that was developed to create Direct to Retail sales. Either through Private Label, acquired licensed properties, or partnered brands we have embarked on working with top retailers in the industry. We work globally, and develop the product lines internally. With a conscious effort towards green production, and an [...]

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We now have AB Printing facility in house. This is our screen printing section where we can do samples, small runs, and promotional products for our KJ customers as well as outside businesses. Whether it is a local restaurant, a small market, or products for the executive team at one of our licensees, we can [...]

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