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KJ is a flexible, customer-focused knitwear manufacturer. We maintain a strong loyal customer base in today’s highly competitive business environment through experienced, high-level service from development through delivery, excellent production quality and value pricing.


Before the KJ Sportswear story begins the owner James Wang spent many years manufacturing knitwear for the US Market through distributors. As he toiled tirelessly night and day to complete endless amounts of projects he realized that there was a special need for factory direct attention. Thus, the company story begins in 2003 when James created the corporate offices of KJ Sportwear which is Located in Nanjing.  This location helps run and operate its two factory owned locations in Yangzhou and Yangchen, China. Disney, Volcom, Hurley and Billabong have all been to this beautiful area of the world to audit and approve these factories. Note: You are always welcome to visit and be part of our family.  Another KJ Sportswear family member that has been influential to the growth of such a great company is Paula Deng. Not only will she welcome you with open arms, if you decide to visit, but she will be your expert manager in producing that perfect piece of apparel. Enter 2004 and KJ Sportswear is growing rapidly, Don Ebright comes aboard as CEO of KJUS which is the client convenient location in Huntingtion Beach, CA. This made life much easier for clients in need of factory direct assistance, nailed it!!  Thru the years KJ Sportswear has added divisions…. Mike Pearl joined KJ in 2016 as head of KJ’s License Division, KJMC. KJMC is the “direct to retail” division of KJ Sportswear. Founded by all three previously mentioned veterans of the apparel industry. They saw a need for a different kind of DTR company. One that could embrace licensing as well as private label while understanding retail’s need for something different. They search for niche properties that are exclusive or rare, that fill the consumer’s appetite for iconic, vintage Americana. All our clients speak to the current appeal of the outdoors and the pursuit of a lifestyle that is defining of America today. We try to give the consumer what they want, not TELL them what they want! We handle design, production, and sales of our properties, but we are also “outside the box” thinkers that have several “hybrid” license agreements in place. We sit with a client to determine their needs and then design an agreement that fits them. This can encompass any of our competencies as well as new ideas. Nothing is off the table!